The Breo Rubber Watch


As a quick internet search will tell you, Breo is the king of the 'rubber' watch.

The curious thing is Breo doesn't have any rubber watches in its range, ours utilise a blend of silicone and tourmaline giving a super soft yet durable material. Breo was the innovator of the rubber watch trend with our Roam model back in 2008 which was a huge success and inspired a whole marketplace of copies and variations from other manufacturers.

The silicone/tourmaline material, called S-Ion, is soft and very hard-wearing for a comfortable fit which emits negative ions known for their health benefits including improved sleep, relaxation and circulation.

Find out more about S-Ion and tourmaline's health benefits.

So, as you can see, a rubber watch isn't really a plain old rubber watch but so much more.

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