Water Resistance Explained

Breo Watch Water Resistance

Welcome to Breo's guide to watch water resistance. Many visitors ask "Are Breo watches waterproof?" so we thought we'd better expand on the handy graphic we produced (left).

Firstly, few watches are waterproof, the more appropriate term is water resistant. This is measured using the ATM (atmosphere) rating, each ATM point is equal to 10 metres in terms of water depth and pressure.

Breo's current watch range has ratings from 3 ATM, our Twilight watch and Classic watch ranges, to 20 ATM, our Pressure watches.

Watches rated 1 ATM are suitable for exposure to general splashes, rain etc. 3 ATM can be safely worn when showering, washing up etc. 5 ATM watches can also be exposed to bathing, swimming etc. Finally 10 ATM and 20 ATM watches are suited to snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, diving etc.

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