Breo Watch Battery Guide

We get a lot of questions directed our way asking how to change a Breo watch battery, so we thought a helpful page such as this containing instructions on changing a watch battery and a list of battery types used might be useful.

If you receive a digital Breo watch and there's no numbers on the display, the battery is dead. There's no 'on' button you have to press. If the numbers on the display are very faint, this points to a battery with little power left. If you buy a watch direct from us, this is very unlikely but if it is the case please email us at

If you bought the watch from a reseller or an online marketplace, a dead/dying battery is unfortunately more likely. Avoid listings that offer a 'free' second battery as that almost certainly means the watch is old stock and the battery life is already limited. In this case you should contact the seller and ask for a replacement/refund.

Which Battery Does A Breo Watch Use?

In the past Breo watches have used a variety of battery models and types. Currently the main battery type we use is SR626SW. This is a silver oxide battery supplying 1.55 Volts. We use this in our Roam Elite, Energy, Fusion, Roam Slim and Bag Buddy watches.

Notable exceptions from the current Breo watch range are the Orb 10 watch which uses battery type CR2032 and the Block watch which uses battery type LR626.

We don't sell these batteries ourself but a quick search on the internet will find you a multipack for a few pounds.

How To Change A Watch Battery

First off, we do recommended you take your watch to a repair shop to change the battery. This isn't some ploy to make the watchshops of the world rich but to ensure the seal, which provides the water resistance, is correctly removed and returned during the process.

If you do plan to change it yourself the first place to check for guidance is the manual for each watch model. If you haven't kept the paper version, a pdf can be accessed via the 'Instruction Manual' link on each product page.

Visit the Watches area of the site then navigate to the individual watch model to find the relevant instruction manual.

Our 'banded' range of watches (Roam Elite, Energy, Fusion etc) use the same watch head and are covered by the below instructions:

1. Unscrew the 2 external screws and take out plastic watch case from the silicon band. Carefully unscrew the screws of the watch case and change the battery.
2. SR626SW is the model of battery required.
3. Assemble the watch in reverse order

Need Further Help?

If you have any further questions on Breo watch battery replacement or please get in touch using the Contact Us form on the website, by email on or on the telephone 0845 180 0016 (8.30am - 5pm GMT)

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